Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm back in high school. except I work.

By Debbie

My first internship is going great but the second one, which I started today is a bit boring. Tedious paperwork and all that. But today was the day we go out to publish, so I'm not going to set a concrete opinion until tomorrow.

I wasn't able to drive for the first 2 weeks and man was that hell. Any family tensions were exacerbated by the fact that I was home all the time. I started driving last Thursday and things are looking up.

My brother the punk just had his tonsels out- ouch. he is in pain and can't swallow. My other brother just graduated from high school and is always out recording with his band. I'm starting as an online consignment seller (ie. I sell her 100s of cookbooks on ebay) for my mom so I can earn money on the side b/c internships sure as hell don't pay.

I miss school and it now parallels the home I have here.

I've got a life here but I don't have the fun conversations and quirky moments I had with my dormmates. When people wish for any super power, I often wish to be able to transport myself anywhere. Then I could visit my friends in a "Days of the Week" flexibility that matched my moods.

I wonder if "Instant Transport" would take the novelty out of travel...

Fashion has been my latest hobby: I've been searching for great deals on ebay, designing clothing and I finished a skirt for my mom yesterday. Next is a aqua tweed suit for myself.

As for this weekend, I haven't really planned anything. My best friend Alexis is going to be with her bf, Mikey. She spends ALL her time with him. She said if that falls through, then she'd like to do something with me. Forget being 2nd runner-up, I'm making plans with my friends in Orange County.On Saturday, I'm going to a BBQ thrown for my friend David.

It's a Bon Voyage party as he is moving to New York to start a new life there. He used to drug deal but now...just kidding.He's just been drifting in and out of community college classes and he's a really social guy that knows 50% of the young crowd in Glendale and Burbank. I can't imagine him in Rochester, NY.

First, I'm forcing him to get an MRI at the LA county hospital tomorrow. I'm driving him there b/c he doesn't drive. He's been suffering headaches since last weekend when a large fight in his friend's club erupted. He got hit in the temple and was unconscious for several minutes. Next thing he knew, he was on the way to emergency. His friends are the type to seek revenge, but in this case, the aggressor is a red-neck cage fighter from Tujunga. Definitely, a No-go.

So, I'm about to watch an international film. This infatuation with intl. movies has been going on for months now. Some nice blue blockbuster cases are perched next to me: "Girl From Paris" and "Zelary." I'll let you know if they're any good. Until then, ciao.


YiRan said...


aqua tweed, eh? you're quite the fashionista. i'm so excited to be working with you senior year! i haven't started any projects yet but reading about yours inspires me.

nitro2life said...

yeah, I'll email cool designs I find online. check out the gucci spring collection ( it's pretty hot.