Thursday, June 30, 2005

Watch out for them Maenads!

YiRan, you got to watch your back for them Maenads! Poor Orpheus...I guess he shouldn't have watched his back when coming out of the tunnel though...

So how are your little runts? I hope your small children are well.

When did you become vegan?! this is going to make home cooking tough senior year. I hope you at least become vegetarian by then.

That party planning for the Wedding photography service sounds so snazzy! Let me know how it goes and send pictures if you can. Big extravagant weddings are fun to attend, but they seem awful to plan. I'd just have a small get together on the beach. My dress would be bright red to throw people off. Debbie the harlot of a bride haha.

I'm now answering phones at my joke of an internship in downtown LA. The one at the Glendale News Press is 100x better. Maybe I should just quit this one.When they said I was going to work in all departments of their company, I didn't think they meant answering phones and paperwork in ALL departments.

someone's already asked me for a mocha latte. I looked them straight in the eye and said "I'm not That kind of intern."


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