Friday, July 01, 2005

Being vegan ain't so bad.

Although I've slacked (or snacked!) lately. Today I was offered a gingerbread man cookie and took one, and then I was offered some goldfish and took some. Then I felt kind of guilty, but then contemplated if I was actually opposed to animal products in the first place, and if so, why the hell would I care anyway. But whatever. Being vegan has been fun because I get to come up with cool new recipes. For example, the other day I made chocolate cookies with coconut milk instead of eggs and butter. Try it--they're delish. Or use carob instead of chocolate if you want to be hardcore. And I've also made a totally vegan cheesecake with tofu and almond butter, and it turned out really well. I'm not into the Tofutti, garden-burger, monterrey-jack-style-soy-cheese, hydrogenated soy sour cream crap. I just enjoy exploring my natural plant options as a plant-appreciation sort of project, if you will. So don't worry Debbie, we won't be eating raw celery sticks and dried biscuits for dinner our senior year.


nitro2life said...

well YiRan, seeing as I rarely cook from scratch, I don't think I'll have much of an opportunity to employ the use of coconut milk or the oft-used tofu. But maybe you could show me how senior year?

I'll stay open-minded, it seems there's hope for you vegans yet.

Anonymous said...

haha you funny. i admire your vegan efforts. at least hold out longer than liz, who would always cheat when she was working at the firehouse deli. have you noticed any changes in your energy? you are supposed to gradually feel more energized, because you end up eating less shit-food. do you find that you still have enough energy to exercise? let me know, i'm going vegetarian in the fall, but that's a hell of a lot easier :) namaste, marielle