Monday, July 11, 2005

Star Sighting in Los Angeles

Yesterday, I was sitting across from my best friend at La Bottega Marino, an Italian restaurant in Largemont, a hip bohemian boutique district.

Right as we were about to order a scruffy-haired guy with sunglasses and a scarf walked past and sat at the table next to me. Even in his attempt to look incognito, I immediately recognized this man, with distinct, delicate features, as none other than The Lord of the Rings star. Can you guess who?

He sat diagonally from me. I could have stretched out my hand a bit and been able to touch him, that's how close he was. I knew myself too well, and would likely talk to him, so I quickly averted my eyes down to my menu.

"What's wrong with you?" said Alexis, who caught notice of my stiffness.

"Oh.....nothing...."as I darted a quick glance from her face to his, my heart blooming with excitement. I had to be careful that my behavior not become too outlandish for ORLANDO!

That's right- I was sitting across the hotness himself, Orlando Bloom. I'd like to testify to the fact that he is every bit as hot as he is on screen. Definitely not a man to blend in with the crowd.

He soon moved because he felt cramped among the tables outside (they were very cramped) and I'm glad, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy my meal with his distraction.

Of course, my mom and Alexis got a bird's eye view of Bloom at the window their whole meal. No wonder they pushed so hard to order dessert. He wet their appetites or maybe they wanted more time to stare at him.

My mom must've known I was going to ask for his picture because she started a diatribe against the paparazzi and their invasion of privacy. Just because I wanted his picture does not make me a candidate for Globe or Star. I normally don't care about celebs so much, it's just Bloom was exceedingly cute.

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