Thursday, November 17, 2005

Little Mexico- in Italy

Last night, my friends from the Boston University program and I brought Mexican food (or whatever was comparable to it) at our local supermarket and made a Mexican feast of Nachos and Beef Fajitas at our Irish friend Aoife's house. It was DELICIOUS and it was fun squishing into her small kitchen and cooking and drinking sangria together.

She showed us her model portfolio. Omg she is gorgeous. She has this slick black hair, striking blue eyes and is so statuesque. She would have been a great flapper in the 1920s. And her boyfriend is so nice and silly in a way that belies the pretentious Italian air he initially gives off.
Aoife (pronounced Ee-fa) met Niccolo in Ireland when he did Erasmus there (to study) and she came back to live with him in Italy and has been here for 2 years, modeling in Milan and Padova.

She showed us her demo (she also does Donna Summer covers!) and, after clearing our makeshift seating on the floor and stuffing ourselves silly, we danced to Beyonce's "Can You Keep UP Baby Boy" like 4 times. I felt a little pressure to deliver on the dance floor, because Ashley and Aoife were like overexaggerating and imitating my dance prowess to Niccolo´s Italian friend, Paolo...I felt a bit embarassed to see my moves come back to haunt me.

Paolo was cute and lord knows I could use a hook up but I wasn´t feeling him...maybe it was the air pelvic thrusts he made after seeing Aoife´´s portfolio. eeehhh...

I forgot to tell you guys how I met Aoife. Its funny- we were craving Mexican food and went to one of 2 options in Padova, and the food was AWFUL. It was obvious that the salsa was jarred and it was like the chips were left sitting out of the bag for 3 days. Here´s the worst part: NO TEQUILA. Is this what Italians thought Mexican food is like? We prayed not, so I asked the nearest table of girls what they thought:

"Scusa! Davvero ti piace la cucina?" I whispered to none other than Ms. Aoife, the irishwoman, who had heard me speaking english and responded:

"No! The other place, Posada, is MUCH better. What do you think?"

"It´s awful."

And from there, we struck a conversation and I went dancing with her international crew (1 Albanian, 1 Moroccan, 1 Croatian) to Limbo, what was supposed to be a karaoke club that ended up being a 70´s disco dance club with 40 year old men and a sea of argyle sweaters. Oh well, we all boogied and I could tell they were a good crew. Aoife and I have been hanging out ever since and I and all my American friends love her! She´s fun, down to earth and honest. I´ll have to post a link to pics of our Mexican night.

One more tally mark for "FRIENDS MADE IN PADOVA" list.

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