Saturday, December 24, 2005


hey kids,

i know i've been absolutely shit when it comes to posting on this blog, but here i go, trying to redeem myself.

it's christmas and i'm spending it eating pizza and getting shitfaced with my friend dejohn and hopefully other americans. he works at selfridges, which is THE major shopping center in the uk, and he tells me where all the sales are. woo!

oh, and everybody, this is my new job:

i've told a couple of you about it already...if you want details ask me in an email...

going backwards here...haven't done any travelling, but i've been exploring all the nooks and crannies of london. having a job helps because it makes me feel like i live here instead of just touring.

also, i've decided to love art again! it feels amazing.

okay, that's about it. oh, and i sleep from like 2-9pm to accomodate my job.

i love you all!!!

p.s. brian i just watched fightclub for the first time and it was great. can we start one up in evanston?


Bri-Bri said...

we'll spin off from my green bay chapter. i haven't found too many girls who like that movie, but it's cool to hear you do. sorry about aim. i've been at home so things have been screwy. merry christmas though.

nitro2life said...

I checked out Ibiza angels- are you seriously a made-to-order masseuse?! Yiran, what has become of you?! haha. actually, it sounds kind of glamorous, depending on the location.

Instead of fight club why don't we start a group with those inflattable sumo wrestler suits. bo-ing.