Thursday, February 02, 2006

Shalomy Homey

Shalom from Israel!

My brother Danny recently ended his birthright trip and we're visiting the family until Sunday. Despite having to single-handedly take my grandmother to the emergency hospital after she fainted at the beach, I've been having a laid back time. My Savta (grandmother) is doing very well now, and the doctor said she must have been dehydrated or it's her athritis medication. I've forgotton almost all of my hebrew, tear, so it was hell trying to get an ambulance and handle things at the hospital!

Highlights: visiting my favorite vintage store on the oh-so-hip Shenkin St., taking pictures of every single one of the bull statues on Rothchild St. (kind of like the Angel statues in L.A. and the cows in Chicago), buying a good and proper hookah (it's marble and the smoke is so smooth- I sense Middle Eastern Party, Part II coming on!) and testing out Danny's monstruous metal one on the roof of our grandma's apartment- in what should have been a relaxing Yaffo sunset but being whipped around by Dorothy-It's-a-twista-style winds.

Oh, many of you are familiar with and may have even been in contact with my blue, belly dancer coin belt at some party or another. Some of the guys may be averting their eyes in embarassment at this point- no need, we've all fallen under the inescapable urge to swing our hips with the twinkling chimes of angels hahaha. Anyways, I bought another, beauuuuuutiful one at the markets yesterday for $11, because my last one has lost many coins to all your gusto. If any of you would like me to bring one back to you, it's $11. Just tell me the color. :)

Now, Danny and I have been walking Tel Aviv and Yaffo. Finding good Israeli food with our Israeli brother Amir, and discovering our family "roots."

I hope you guys had a good winter break/ holidays and I'll let you know when I go back to Italy.

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