Tuesday, June 28, 2005


This blog exists for the purpose of communication between Northwestern students who have ties to the 2007 ISRC gang. Many of us will be studying abroad during the 2005-06 school year and this space will act as our forum.

You can decide to do whatever you like with your entry. But you can't be lazy and just enter a link to your own personal blog. The way this will work is if you try to do the following:

- everytime you post on your personal blog, post the same entry here as well
- post at least once every 2-3 weeks. More than a month and we may assume you've died and may hold an online eulogy.
- enter a LINK to an online photo gallery rather than pasting photos into your entry.
- RESPOND to other people's entries. Otherwise it's more of a compilation of diaries instead of a forum. Communication = dialogue
- remember your audience. Don't make your blogs too long. Most of us will have limited access to computers so don't include drafts of a travel novel here.
- BUT do be descriptive and anecdotal. Take us with you on your travels. Take the poor NU students back in Evanston with you through your entries.
- don't forget to write your name. we're all using the same user name.

Why "The Savvy Traveler"? Because that's what we hope to become as we embark on our study abroad experience. We will be not tourists, but travelers!

Write whatever you feel, think, see, experience. So begins an amazing journey for all of us!

- Debbie

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