Monday, November 14, 2005

Coming to America

Have you guys ever seen that movie? I love eddie murphy as an African prince. Anyways, I wanted to update you guys on my happenings. I have named this post 'Coming to America' as this weekend was an interesting sample of the US of A. So it began on Thursday nite as I was procrastinating doing physics homework that I found from metromix, the 52nd annual Native American Chicago Pow Wow was starting this weekend. As I missed my chance to go to a pow wow this summer with my parents in Traverse City, MI, I knew I must. My companions on my travel included Bizzle "Rebecca" Nikodem, Taylor Fabulous McNutly and Leila (pronounced Lie la) She doesn't like it said any other way. After wandering through an empty, bad part of town according to the guy who eventually gave us a ride to the UIC Pavilion, we got there right in time for their pow wow. Veteran by veteran, all those of elderly age and who had once served in the army, etc. were introduced and led the dance procession after which the dancers competing that night came in and then after several Native American anthems, the audience was allowed to join in, which we did. Besides the dancing, amazing costumes, we delightfully tasted some fryebread with cherries and mozied around the vendors shops. Their crafts are so beautiful.
Alrite, so that capped and end to day 1. Day 2: komal rises and shine early: 2 pm in the afternoon, I don't know what happened. I was sleep deprived. I do homework, read and eat.
Sunday: Komal rises at 2:30 pm after studying til 6 in the morning. Kanye West concert begins at 7:30 pm. Hansa, my sister came to the concert with me and spent the nite. Getting to the concert remined me of the teenybopper hysteria. Throngs of people running to the next open bus to catch a ride to Welsh-Ryan, where the concert was. So Fantasia, apparently an American Idol winner, opened up. Wearing black hot pants, a silver belt, stilleto black boots and a white formal shirt, Fantasia looked like she had potential. She is one who screams alot. All I can say is that she was NOT triumphant. No victory for her that nite. As my sister told me, "today is the day the music died." In good spirit, however I stood and danced and screamed for even her. Then, Kanye begins his show. He looked really good in his white pants and suit jacket. He hit all the favorites, Jesus Walks, Workout plan and Gold digger. Kanye was fabulous...he had so much energy and rapped like none other. It was great, but in order to dodge the crowd, we left a little early as we were also hungry. So the shuttles were no where to be found, but this cab driver with a person already in the cab let us in and drove us to Clarke's where we had a late nite bite. That was my sister, Taylor and I. We came back and went to bed. It's 8:20 in the mornin' on Monday Nov. 14th....alrite, sorry for the detail of it all...but hope you guys are doing well. Love, the koms

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nitro2life said...

omg, that sounds like you experienced a "Cultural Panorama of Chicago"! How did you hear about the Native American pow wow? It sounds cool.
You are the paradigm of a northwestern pre-med: work hard, play hard. I can't believe you managed to study during this busy weekend. Say hi to our suite table for me.


P.S. I HATE YOU! I can't believe that you got to see Sr. West! Yiran and I started his facebook group...with all his bling bling, he should have flown out a private jet for us!
P.S.S. I'm so glad you had a great time. :)