Friday, July 01, 2005

hey friends

yay debbie for starting a group blog :)
since i'm tech-illiterate, this is very exciting, also it gives me something to do when i'm putz-ing around at work, eating licorice, and transcribing interviews of middle school students from south side chi-town, it's devastatingly exciting, i'll tell yah. currently my boss is MIA. that's aiight, i'm getting the g's, and that's all that counts so then I can pay for more putzing (or meditating if you will) in India- woot woot. speaking of India, yesterday I went on this long bike ride to Glenview to get immunizations shots for typhoid and craziness, but i ended up on this highway, where there was no bike path. i must have looked like this sweaty mad woman with no-helmet and no destination to all the passerbys. so then i decided to ditch the highway and opt for this bike path along a nature reserve, but that didn't get me any closer to the travel medicine clinic. so....after an hour of this i decided to bike home, and console myself by viewing the whole expedition as a really good workout. but then...alas! about 3/4 of the way back by bike got stuck on a tree branch ( a la nature reserve) and it broke, just like that. haha. now this seems funny but at the time i was wicked pissah. so i walked a bit, and got a cab ride from old orchard. ah well, i think i'm gonna have to go to the evanston hospital for the immunizations and malaria medication. nothing much else is up. tonight i'm leaving brian's apartment- he has been very kind to offer a halfway house for me and the rob-meister (who is currently living at park evanston in an apartment overlooking the lake/sailboats/bahai temple- roberto is so full of surprises :) . this weekend: fireworks, a proud to be an american party hosted by mon amour monsieur hetrick, and some taste of chicago sweet sweet goodness. love y'all, good luck with the internships and jobs and what not, :) marielle-y

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YiRan said...

hey relly,

your bike story was tres amusant and i've totally pulled one of those before, minus the highway and the treebranch incident, which are an added bonus.

hope brian's was fun, and have a good weekend with chris!