Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Komzilla attacks Los Angeles!

sat aug 13
-Kommi arrives
-u2 is our car soundtrack home
-Kommi presents ceremonial gift of nuts. Debbie bows and eats.
-Tofuzilla: we visit the tofu festival in Little Tokyo
-we gaze into each other's eyes under a tofu-lit night and cheesy festival jazz

sun aug 14
-SIX FLAGS magic mountain! with Debbie's posse (see pics)
-kommi's face= green
-Debbie gets perterbed by boyfriend's cuddling in 95 degree heat.
Too close for comfort. Kommi was amused.
-D & K konk out in car while boys blast heavy metal.
-D's mom comes upon D making out with boy toy. Mortification ensues.

mon aug 15
-6 am. Debbie sneaks out undetected by unconscious K-dawg
-11 am. Kommi awakes from slumber. Debbie returns with passport.
-Debbie dumps Komal at local mall and D interns. Ugh.
-Universal Citywalk! mexican food, a sock store, a carrot-top Californian with whom we discuss hair bleaching and "bling bling" Jesus. Debbie buys fuschia hair dye....correction: "New Rose."
-we watch movie "Angie," a free-spirited Geena Davis who gets knocked up. "Dump the kid, travel the world!" -Debetella
"Pleasantly entertaining." -K-meister

tues aug 16
-Kommi wakes up late...again. Will we make it to the beach before the crowds descend like a pack of seagulls?! Only time can tell. Tune in soon...

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1 comment:

D said...

dena raves: "laugh out loud funny!"

2. consider the wedding crashers as a fun diversion from the uber heat and uber hot boy toy. i saw it with my parents and want to see it again. today.

3. heading to nyc thursday so let's be in touch fo sho.