Wednesday, August 24, 2005


i hope y'all get this. debstah you're hawaii vaca sounds amazing, and i totally think you should live the dream and work for a newspaper in hawaii, that would be more chill than my monastery business, and def more glamorous.. anyways i just got back from traveling to austria, prague and northern italy with the fam. billy joel was so right when he said, " slow down you crazy child, when will you realize vienna waits for you?" yah, i know i'm lame for quoting billy, but he just lays it out on the table. it was really good because i could spend quality time with the folks during the day and go out with the crazy twin at night. in prague i realized that i actually do, upon occasion, enjoy beer- pillsner dark draft, who knew?also, in prague liz and i thought we were going to a discotheque (these peeps we met from spain asked the bartender for directions to a club "with dancing", big mistake), and we ended up stumbling into a stripper joint which boasted a "marquis de sade" theme. someone needs to work on their czech. if y'all don't recognize his name, he's the perv from the 18th century who i think could really relate to john mellencamp's heart felt sentiment " come on baby, make it hurt so good" wowie, let me tell yah. i also had a lot of good, clean fun in the alps, checking out where the sound of music was filmed and what not- bellisimo! alright, later gaters, i got to go meet my uncle pete for lunch. best of luck, everyone is doing such exciting things this year. all my love, marielleyyyy

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nitro2life said...

beer and strippers and alps, OH MY! Mariella, it sounds like you got to do so much in a comparatively short amount of time. :)

So how was the strip joint? I have a feeling that your spanish friends didn't make a "mistake" in their czech, ha ha ha. I hope that some czech guy didn't smack your ass or something. Not appropriate.

Speaking of stripping, check out the "Saddle Ranch" entry.

So what was Northern Italy like?! What city did you visit? What were the people like?!!

WHen do you leave for India? What's your address there?